How long should I stay in home isolation if I have the coronavirus disease? recovery time?

According to the CDC COVID-19

How long should I stay in home isolation if I have the coronavirus disease?
Stay at home until instructed to leave: Patients with confirmed COVID-19 should remain under home isolation precautions until the risk of secondary transmission to others is thought to be low. Talk to your healthcare provider: The decision to discontinue home isolation precautions should be made on a case-by-case basis, in consultation with healthcare providers and state and local health departments. read more


Still no Coronavirus treatment drugs yet?

That’s correct up to today now still no treatment nor prevention yet. Temporary treatment is the ventilator at the hospital, there isn’t any vaccine. So wear N95 mask and gloves, or wash your hand all the time and never touch your mouth or nose or eye or ear or let anything touching it.

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Cars inspection safety and emission impact of the coronavirus?

Don’t worry if your cars safety inspection and emission is due to expired during the Covid-19 Coronavirus because the department in charge is extending it. Check your region department of motorist vehicle to find out. For example in USA Pennsylvania

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Can I really check my stimulus status from the irs during the pandemic?

The short answer is yes and it is through the IRS website, go here click on my payment and follow the direction.

However as of now, there are a lot of people trying to access that site which will cause delay and sometime just timed out, it’s like being DDOS attack. Telephone system might be the same or if that’s even possible.

Do not be surprise that this IRS tool for people to check their status isn’t working, and apparently it’s not working. People flooding to the site to check only to find the message “Payment Status Not Available
According to information that we have on file, we cannot determine your eligibility for a payment at this time.For more information on the eligibility rules, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.” Despite this message there are people saying that they’ve received the money in their account via bank deposit. read more

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What stocks to invest in during the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic?

Are there any stocks worth investing on during the pandemic crisis like COVID-19 CoronaVirus? Well, according to these 5 stocks looks promising.

  • Slack – Companies around the world have turned to remote work in an effort to mitigate further COVID-19 infections. With all signs showing that the coronavirus is here to stay for quite some time, many businesses are going to have to embrace remote work as a long-term solution.
  • Teladoc – Just as COVID-19 has pushed companies to embrace remote work, concerns about the virus have led healthcare organizations and patients to embrace telehealth services in lieu of in-person appointments. During the many press briefings regarding the virus, President Trump has consistently mentioned the importance of telehealth services. The federal government, specifically the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has recently pulled back rules that otherwise restricted Medicare beneficiaries from using these services.
  • Gilead Sciences – Companies working on a treatment for COVID-19 have quickly become hot stocks in the market. While many of these companies are early-stage biotech stocks, there are fair number of established healthcare giants working in this scene as well.
  • Clorox – While not as exciting as some of the other stocks on this list, Clorox (NYSE:CLX) is seen as one of the few safe havens for more conservative investors during this bear market. As a leader in providing professional cleaning products, Clorox’s appeal has historically been as a dividend stock, with the company offering a 2.5% dividend at the moment (slightly higher than the S&P 500 average).
  • – While some stores, such as grocery stores and pharmacies, will still remain open no matter what, many retailers have decided (or been instructed) to either drastically reduce their hours or simply close their stores until COVID-19 dies down a little. With more people than ever sitting in their homes in an attempt to reduce needless exposure to the virus, online commerce is expected to become even more prevalent than it already is.
  • read more

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    Will food supplies be a problem during the Coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic crisis?

    The short answer is YES, it could based on many articles written by researchers and news media.

    The coronavirus pandemic could threaten global food supply…

    Explainer: How the coronavirus crisis is affecting food supply

    So what to stock up? First, you’ll want to scan your pantry. Then add non-perishables, long-lasting perishables, frozen fruits and canned vegetables to your grocery list.

    Applesauce and other fruit purees
    Canned fruit in water
    Frozen fruit
    Dried fruit
    Long-lasting fresh fruit (i.e., apples, oranges, pomegranates, lemons, limes)
    Vegetables read more

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    Happy Easter 2020 COVID19 Coronavirus

    How are people celebrate Easter 2020 amid the pandemic crisis Coronavirus (Covid-19)?


    What are the top outbreak pandemic occurred in the USA history?

    1633-1634: Smallpox from European settlers

    1793: Yellow fever from the Caribbean

    1832-1866: Cholera in three waves
    1858: Scarlet fever also came in waves

    1906-1907: “Typhoid Mary”

    1918: “Spanish flu”

    1921-1925: Diphtheria epidemic

    1916-1955: The peak of polio

    1981-1991: Second measles outbreak

    1993: Contaminated water in Milwaukee

    2010, 2014: Whooping cough

    1980s to present: The leading cause of early death “

    A look back
    As medicine advances, there are fewer infectious disease outbreaks, or epidemics. An epidemic is when an infectious disease spreads within a community or area during a specific time period. Learn about the biggest outbreaks to spread across the United States, and where we are now. read more


    How to make COVID-19 Coronavirus mask?

    Very simple, any cotton cloth will do. Since as far as doctor know, the Covid-19 Coronavirus only spread through dropping going through your nose and mouth when other people cough or sneeze and off course through touching of the dropping and wipe it on your nose or mouth … However is no clear evidence that this virus could spread through bodily fluid like blood…


    So how is Vietnam doing so well prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19?

    A big question “A densely populated neighbor of China, Vietnam has a weak health care system and a low budget for combating the coronavirus. So how has it managed to keep its COVID-19 infection rate so low?”

    Short answer: Vietnam people already wearing mask way before the Coronavirus COVID-19 days, basically Vietnam pollution was so bad many years ago still getting worst as of today, the people there have been wearing face mask made of cloth cotton and so on to prevent dust and pollution getting into their lungs. So Vietnam was able to fight Coronavirus covid-19 easily without much effort, in addition to they’ve been wearing mask most if not all restaurants food vendors are already wearing gloves when preparing food. What will kill Vietnam people would be the chemical uses to make the food, the air pollution, not the Coronavirus covid-19. This have nothing to do with conspiracy theory saying communist countries hiding real number of coronavirus cases. read more