How is Vietnam have no death due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 scam?

Let just say Vietnam is a communist country, just like China, Russia and a few others. When speaking of communist, they are mostly corrupted, in other word the leaders are not being picked by the people but rather their own party, although sometime they announced voting but we never really know the winning poll because it’s not transparent.

Now putting politic aside, what could be other reason not tied to politic that Vietnam reported no death due to the coronavirus covid19? Looking at Vietnam air pollution, for many years now people has been wearing mask and gloves, what does that tell you? It’s pretty hard to catch even a common cold right? I think so. Since the coronavirus covid19 claimed to be transmitted through droplets, meaning when the person have covid19 virus and cough or sneeze he or she released droplets in the air and if someone were to caught it on their body including their shirt and touch it and wipe it on their nose ear eye mouth that person could get it. Now knowing that virus do not survive long sitting on soft surface like fabrics and hard surface like smooth surface could be a little bit longer, so the mask and gloves most Vietnamese people wearing daily might have shield them from the virus.

If you travel to Vietnam you will know how bad the air pollution is, including the smog dust dirt flying around on the road not to say the sewer is pretty bad smell terrible, so the Vietnamese people had been used to wearing gloves and mask.

Now let talk about the food. Well the Vietnamese there known to cook everything thoroughly, even salad they dipped in hot pot super hot boiling water before putting it in their mouth. Here in the USA and probably other countries our salad is green and fresh we eat it raw, but in Vietnam they have hot pot super hot boiling water and usually eat it fresh by dipping it hot water and eat it right away, to them that is still fresh, exception to certain food like “banh xeo” they might wash it thoroughly before eating it raw.

Vietnam have flies issue including mosquitoes, still today a little bit although some chemical being sprayed and use already killed most mostquitoes but flies still exist and flies does carry some disease and lay eggs that become maggots could in the food, so for years now the Vietnamese knew this and they always cooked their food super hot or dipping their veggies into hot pot soup before going into their mouth.

Vietnam vegetable also known to have worms eggs if not washed thoroughly, so the Vietnamese also knew this and to be extra safe they dipped the fresh veggies into hot soup before into their mouth. The vegetable sometime have chemical that killed the worms eggs lava but can be harmful to human so they knew this and washed the veggie thoroughly as well. Although now a day many Vietnamese families have their own little garden that they grow their own good vegetables, and when buying food outside they’re very careful since all the news of harmful foods been circulating.

So as you can see, the Vietnamese already being careful protecting their health wearing face shield nose eye ear and gloves, they already used to it. If no then they already have a layer of dust dirt or chemical on their nose lungs blocked the covid19 coronavirus, no just a joke although not funny. Vietnamese people there also spread rumors to each other how harmful certain things are and they it seriously to protect themselves.

Back to politic. The reason for reporting no death? could be because they’re not reporting it, or the hospital death due to the covid19 is not reporting as covid19 coronavirus death. Or the dead due to covid19 not being tested dead reason because the hospital in Vietnam most do not let you in if you do not have money to pay or pay hospital first before getting treatment so therefore the one infected with covid19 didn’t even get a chance to get into the hospital due to no money so they died outside of the hospital which cannot be determined or reported cause of death.

The bottom line is, it’s not possible to have zero death, there are death due to the coronavirus in Vietnam but could due to it not being officially reported.

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