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Is end of April 2020 is when Coronavirus stabilized?

According to many of the email messages sent from retailers and companies around the country in America, USA to be specific, they’re indicating the date of end of April 2020. For example an email from Paypal they will restrict fees until end of April due to the Coronavirus to help out users.

Costco, BJmax, Bestbuy, Homedepot, Lowes, Quicken Loans, and many many others did the same thing. Some waived the fees some waived late fees, some allow payment to be missed without any late fees, until end of April.

However the US government, IRS to be specific, now moved the tax filing due date for tax year 2019 due on July 15th 2020 instead of April 15th, this was a revision from the previous announcement indicating tax filing due date on April 15th 2020 meaning you have to file on that day but do not have to pay until July 15th 2020.

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