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What if Kim Jong-un no longer leader what will happen?

There has been report of Kim Jong-un not feeling so well, some even guess that he is in vegetative stage or even dead. So what will happen if he is no longer the supreme leader of North Korea? Who will be the next leader?

Vegetative stage basically mean the person is brain dead, not responding to what around him or her, no awareness what so ever, it’s like a human body without a soul. It’s sad for that to happen with any human being whether you’re a cruel person or not. This had happened to one person captured by North Korea, his name was “Otto Frederick Warmbier” somehow he was in vegetative stage during his prison sentence in North Korea, the North Korean didn’t know what to do, so he send Otto back to the USA and not so long after, maybe days or weeks he died. Some people might say “what goes around comes around”

So what will happen if Kim Jong-un is dead? My personal opinion is, it took a lot of effort to get North Korea to be friendly with the USA, it was actually North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Trump whom made it happen, so if one them is no longer leader, we probably need to start from square one, all over again, let put it that way.

Who will be the next leader if North Korean Kim Jong-un is dead? – probably his sister Kim Yo-jong, although there are total of 4 siblings but only one possible candidate “Kim Yo-jong” .

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