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Which car insurance company accept Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies?

The short answer is: None so far. According to the internet google search “No Major Auto Insurers Offer Bitcoin as Payment. While you might be able to save 15% on car insurance with Geico, you can’t use Bitcoin to pay for your policy. At the moment there are no major U.S insurers offering any digital currency for payment towards a policy, even though Bitcoin has been around for over 8 years.”

However don’t let that stop you being creative, you never know one of the website out there might be selling giftcard that be use as voucher for payment, or someone willing to pay the insurance for you with their money to your insurance bill payment and you just have to pay that person in Bitcoin cryptocurrencies with a premium of course. So do your math, is the premium worth it? and what is that percentage premium? how is it compare with you having to cash your Bitcoin and paying tax for it plus having the IRS coming after you asking how much Bitcoin you have.

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